SMOSLT – Runs in IDE Only

SMOSLT could have been written as great, standalone app. Even now, that could still happen. But it won’t. Why?

SMOSLT is intended as crappy software

My name is Pete Carapetyan. I know how to write great software. SMOSLT is not written as great software.

Instead, SMOSLT is barely held together with chewing gum and bailing wire. Happy Path Software at it’s worst.

This is by design.

SMOSLT is barely usable

… and so it shall remain. To use SMOSLT you probably have to be a java developer, and you need a modest amount of patience.

You probably have to follow the youtube just to figure it out.

You can probably figure out 1000 ways that SMOSLT can and should be improved.

Why not improve it? You could make a great product!

Indeed. There are probably much better ways to spend one’s time. SMOSLT is about making other software great, not about making itself great.

Gotta pick your battles. Plenty of other battles to fight.

Improve your own software, not SMOSLT

SMOSLT is just a means to an end. Don’t improve it. Instead, spend that time improving your own software.

Unless of course you can’t help yourself. If that is the case, send your patches to

But my own stuff is being mis-represented! That must be fixed!

Ahah! Different topic of conversation! Your own [insert technology here] is being mis-represented? How can I fix that?

Is there an easier way?

We could probably ship SMOSLT as a fully self contained virtual machine. IDE, projects, etc. Just launch and run.

No, we haven’t done that yet.