How To Set Up And Run SMOSLT

Caution to the timid:

As state elsewhere on this site, this application is not for the timid. I have attempted to make it drop dead simple scripted stuff for experienced java programmers. Which means it probably isn’t, just that I got it working on my box perfectly :)


  • computer with decent power and memory – whatever that means
  • *nix shell, preferably a *nix box but at least having something like Cygwin if you are on a Windoze box
  • Latest java 7 release installed and running on box
  • Latest maven release installed and running on box
  • Latest Eclipse Luna installed and running on box, with java7 installed as the default runtime
  • You will need to have at least minimal java skills and eclipse familiarity
  • Git installed and running on box
  • bran new fresh eclipse workspace, such as a directory named […]/smoslt

Optional Pre-Requirements

  • You will probably want ProjectLibre installed to view the completed schedules
  • You will surely want Libre Office or Excel another program that is capable of viewing Excel files.

To Install

  • cd to […]/smoslt or wherever your dedicated smoslt workspace is
  • clone smoslt.init into your workspace using this command
    git clone
  • cd into smoslt.init
  • run source or ./ or whatever your favorite way to run as a shell script
    This will download 200+ megs into your ~/.m2/repository directory, so it may take a while
    I have had to run this twice in a row to get it to run perfectly. (It will only download once, though.)
  • If you want the full source code for the entire app rather than just the part you want to consume, instead of above, run
  • Go to your eclipse workspace and using the import command, import some or all of these projects into your workspace.
    At minimum, you will need these:

    • smoslt.main
    • smoslt.given
    • smoslt.mprtxprt

To Run

  • Find the smostl.main/[…]/smoslt.main/Main class
  • Run it, using right click Run as Java Application
    This won’t cause anything real to happen, but at least it will set up your Run Configuration
  • Go to the Run Configuration and add these arguments to the run config
    Run Configuration > Arguments tab > Program Arguments
    -l myRunName -f […pathtoworkspace…]/smoslt.given/src/test/resources/smoslt.pod
    where myRunName is any string, and the -f argument is a path to a SMOSLT compliant ProjectLibre file